Monday, January 17, 2011

Going up!

After 5 months of bending over backward to wash my hair every morning, I finally found a solution to our way-too-low shower head.  For some reason, the person who built our home decided to install the shower head about a foot below where normal people like it.  As a result, Joel and I either have to a) not wash our hair (eww.) or b) contort our bodies into all kinds of weird positions just to get a little rinsing action.  It got to be a real pain in the neck (pun intended), so when I saw this at Home Depot today, I was ecstatic:

Here's what a painful shower looks like (don't mind the boring curtain and outdated tub):

A few quick adjustments and tons of plumbing tape later, we ended up with this:

Can't wait to try it out!  Not exactly the most eye-catching home improvement project, but it will certainly make life a little more pleasant as we save up for our future bathroom over-haul.

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