Friday, October 22, 2010


Buying our first home has been an amazing experience, but now that the initial thrill has worn off a bit, reality is starting to set in.  We love the extra space and privacy that comes with a big lot, but big yard = more landscaping!  After doing a little price comparison at local landscape companies and seeing how overpriced things can be ($200 for a ROCK??), we decided to try the whole landscaping thing on the cheap.  Our lot now is pretty much a blank slate.  There's not much out there but some creosote bushes and some poorly laid gravel from the previous owners.  In a way, it's nice...we can do whatever we want!  On the other hand, it means a lot more work (i.e. a lot more cost).  We've decided to do most of the work ourselves.

A few weeks ago, Joel was driving home the long way and stumbled across a huge abandoned rock pile out in the desert.  You see a rock pile, we rocks!  Today we headed back and loaded up the truck with a few of the biggest rocks we (meaning Joel) could lift.  I knew all those squats and deadlifts would pay off!

And this is where we're grateful for the truck....

The goods:

Still not sure where they're going, but we'll be making more trips back soon to pick up some more to match!  Next on the list:  Free fill dirt from craigslist.

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  1. Hello Kristine,

    I am so happy to announce that you are the winner of the giveaway for a subscription to Phoenix Home & Garden magazine :-)

    **Please send me your name and address so that I can set up the subscription, which will begin in January.

    I hope you find lots of inspiration for your new home :-)